Park Drive Septic System

unsatisfactory installation by Robert Our & Co.



Compare before and after installation of the 'below ground' septic tank: note that there is a concrete apron around the bulkhead and shower. Also note the clothesline.

Naturally, the concrete apron was ripped out, but note the height of the new tank, well above the old 'ground level.'

When Robert Our & Co. "finished" they left the yard in very rough shape, with poor quality fill barely smoothed, and not raked out. We had said we didn't want a seeded lawn; I guess that was their excuse.

They left the patio blocks stacked in the corner by the shower, and the pole for the clothesline leaning against the side of the house.

This is "finished?"

Bill Fizler, Our's foreman, had claimed that it would be "impossible" to put the patio blocks back. Well, I restored the patio as shown. I guess it wasn't "impossible."

We've gradually raked out the lousy fill they used in the yard, smoothed the ruts and tire tracks, and some vegetation is relieving the general bleakness. you see below.


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